Disney World with Kids

3 Safety Tips for First Time Families Visiting Disney World

Traveling to Walt Disney World is a rite of passage for many families. This quintessential family vacation in Orlando, Florida, is sure to deliver smiles all around. In order to make the trip go as smoothly as possible, it is important that you equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to have a safe vacation. Here are three primary safety tips for families visiting the most magical place on earth for the first time.

Sticking Together

Keeping all of your brood together is one of the biggest challenges when traveling to a place as big as Disney World. Taking the proper precautions and having a plan in case of separation will ensure a less stressful vacation. If you have older children, you can designate a meeting spot in each park in the event that you become separated. For younger children, consider using a marker to write your contact information on their arms in case they get lost. This will help a cast member locate you quickly so that you can reunite with your child. Before heading out for the day, it’s not a bad idea to take a picture of each child so that you have a current picture with the clothes that they are wearing to show authorities in case of an emergency.

Resort Safety

While Disney goes to great lengths to protect its guests that are staying onsite on their properties, accidents are bound to occur from time to time. Upon checking into your room, you should check to make sure that all locks are working. This is especially important for the balcony doors. It does not take long for a baby or toddler to slip out the front door or out onto the balcony. Keeping the doors locked at all times will mitigate this danger. In addition to being safe in your resort room, you also need to pay special attention to the pool area. While Disney has lifeguards on duty at some of the bigger pools, the smaller pools do not always have a lifeguard. Parents also need to take care with toddlers since many of the pool decks can be slippery.

Getting Around Safely

Disney World is a large park that encompasses four separate theme parks, two waterparks, dozens of resort hotels, and a massive entertainment, dining and shopping complex. With logistical challenges presented by a resort this large, you need to have a transportation plan to get around safely. As Florida is dangerous for pedestrians, you will probably want to have a vehicle. You can also consider using the Disney transportation network. This network supplies buses, boats, monorails, and gondolas to transport guests throughout the complex. While waiting for a bus, it is especially important that you take small children by the hand. When traveling on the boats or ferries, be sure to keep the kids away from the edge of the vessel.

Do not let your magical trip by marred by an accident or mishap. Being vigilant, practicing good safety precautions, and staying aware of your surroundings will ensure a great time for all.

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