About Rope and Board

Hi, We’re Megan and Devin. We started RopeandBoard.com because of our love for travel. Before kids, it was so easy for us to hop on an airplane or jump in the car and head to our destination without a thought or care about how to get to the airport with luggage for three and then four, how to take car seats on the plane, what to do when our young kids started crying on the plane, the size of the car needed once we got to our destination, or later, how to pay for a family of four. We had so many challenges traveling with small children that we decided to start sharing our tips with the world.

We came up with the name Rope and Board on one of our first trips with our first child. It was a trip to Yellowstone with a 1-year-old. It was such a struggle to get there, but once we were there it was like heaven on earth. At the cabin we rented was an old wooden swing attached to the old tree with ropes. We vowed that day to not let life get in the way and take our kids along with us to all the destinations still left to explore.

Thanks for reading.

-Megan and Devin