Best Kids Luggage Sets

Kids Luggage Sets

What Should You Look For In Kids Luggage Sets?

Being able to travel with the kids can either mean a cherished memory or a disaster waiting to happen. One thing you will need to buy is kids luggage sets. Keep reading to learn what features you should consider when you go shopping for this.

Hard-Sided Luggage

Kids can be clumsy, accident-prone, and even downright destructive. If their luggage is going to get where they are going in one piece and with all their possessions present and accounted for, hard-sided luggage might be the way to go. These are usually manufactured with hard polypropylene which keeps their toys from breaking. Hard-sided luggage is also very resistant to leaks and stains, which mysteriously happen a lot with kids. Luggage like this should have good wheels, given the weight, but on the plus side, it can also make for easy seating for tired kids in an airport.


This was already alluded to, but wheels should be used whenever possible. The wheel was, of course, invented millennia ago, and it’s hung around for good reason. Wheels make it easier for kids to keep up with their own luggage, which is less for you to deal with. However, not every wheel is the same. As a general rule of thumb, larger wheels are better because of improved maneuverability. Smaller wheels have a tendency to overheat and get worn down faster. If you want more durability and strength from wheels, find ones with ball bearings. The other crucial element to mobility is a good handle on top that can be easily pulled. Collapsible handles are even better.

Airline Rules

Checked bags cost money, and they can get lost along the way. Check with the airlines you intend to fly, the ones you usually fly, or just the primary carriers in and out of your city, and find out what their carry-on policies and restrictions are. If your kids can pack light enough to take carry-ons, then, by all means, get luggage within these dimensions.


Black is a really common color for luggage. It’s always in style, and often sleek. It can also be cleaned up very easily. Then again, it’s hard to identify your bag in an overhead bin or in the baggage claim area if it’s piled up with 20 others. Go for bright and vivid colors for your kids’ luggage, especially if it reflects something they love, which could be anything from animals to cartoons.


Any piece of luggage should be lockable, if not to keep out unwanted fingers and hands, but at least to keep things from spilling out all of the sudden. Still, you don’t actually want child-proof locks on kids luggage for hopefully obvious reasons. They need to be able to close and open their own luggage. Also, locking and unlocking should also be easy and quick to make security checkpoints easier to flow through.

There’s a lot more to buying kids luggage sets than just these factors, but they are the primary ones that you need to consider as you scour the market for what’s available.