5 Best Travel Toys for Kids

5 Best Travel Toys for Kids

5 Best Travel Toys for Kids

When traveling with kids, planning is essential. Offering them toy and activity options is key. Listed below are some of my favorites for babies and toddlers.


#1. Amazon Kindle, Kids Edition

Whether in a car or traveling by plane, a digital device can be so helpful. The kids version comes with a lifetime breakage warranty and a protective case. When we are at home our daughter has limited use of the Ipad or Amazon Kindle, but when we are traveling we make an exception. The Amazon Fire Tablet is a great choice because it’s inexpensive and you can use your Amazon Prime account to download shows or movies.  Another great choice is the Ipad mini. One of the Ipad benefits is that the Iphone user, the parent, is able to link all the accounts and purchases between the two.  This is a must buy.  Click the title above to see the pricing on Amazon.  It may not be a bad idea to add an SD memory card to your cart.

Amazon Prime is a must have with the kindle.  If you don’t have it be sure to sign up here and receive a 30 day free trial.  There are a ton of kids movies and shows that you can download for the trip and many other benefits to being a Prime member.

#2. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

Bluetooth Headset for kids. These are traditional over the ear and are better suited for toddlers and above. Bluetooth or wired. TIP You’ll need the Bluetooth for newer Ipad and Iphones so these are perfect.  Click the title above to go to Amazon.

#3. Crayola Pip-Squesk 65 piece washable marker set

For Little kids. These come with paper and a travel case.

#4. Backseat car organizer

Great to hang on the back of a car seat or sit in a lap. Has slots for crayons and markers and a spot to put the Ipad or Amazon Tablet.

#5. BUCKLE TOY “Blossom” Butterfly Backpack

Buckle Toy.  Great buckle toy that will keep younger kids busy.  This was a must have for our daughter and saved us on the plane many times.

Be sure to be prepared when traveling with kids.  These are the best toys to keep your kids entertained and occupied.