6 Tips for Flying With Kids

6 Tips for Flying With Kids

6 Tips for Flying With Kids

Traveling alone is very simple because you just breeze in and out of the airport. There is also a good chance you have memorized your passport number, so you don’t have to start retrieving documents when filling the customs cards. Traveling with children can be a little trickier than that. You can end up being exhausted, humiliated, and frustrated when you travel with children. The good thing is there are a number of things you can do to avoid this. Below are some great tips to use when flying with kids. Use them and you will be able to have an easier time.

1. Early Boarding

You have heard over the PA system the staff asking people traveling with small children or people who need extra help when boarding to proceed to the gate. This is one of the few benefits you are going to get when flying with small children, and you must take full advantage of it. This means you will have an easier time cramming your carry-on luggage to the tiny overhead compartment before other people. Or use a credit card that gets you status.

 2. Making Friends with Other Parents

Having allies in the plane is a good idea. When still in the waiting area, consider striking up a conversation with other parents on the same flight. You can start by asking them about the age of their child. The goal is not to become lifelong friends with them, but to have someone you can exchange frustrated glances when you kids start having a meltdown.

3. Chatting the Flight Attendant

If you have a child below the age of two – and therefore flying for free – then you should be ready to have a chat with the flight attendant. The flight attendant will give you tips on holding the baby when the plane is taking off or landing. They can also give you some tips that will make flying with the toddler much easier.

4. Bring Activities

Kids will start throwing tantrums when they don’t have something to do. There are some people who have a habit of asking the flight attendant for pencils and a napkin because of desperation. You should try bringing along items such as an iPod, coloring books, iPad, playing card, stuffed animals, dry-erase books, etc. These should keep them busy during the flight. Amazon kindles are great for kids because they cost so much less than an Ipad.

5. Bring Snacks

No one is a fan of food served by airlines. If you are sitting at the back, then don’t expect to get sandwiches because people in front would have ordered them. This means you end up with Vegan Crisps or Cool Ranch-flavored Bugles. Gummy bears can be great when things are melting down.

6. Lounge Access

If you will be flying from, to, or through major airports, then lounge access may be prefect for you. Some lounge have dedicated kids rooms with toys and activities.  This was one of the best things we’ve done when traveling. Check out our Credit Card offers that may offer lounge access as a benefit.

Many people assume that their child is going to sleep during the flight and they won’t have any problem, but that doesn’t work. The best way is by using the above tips.


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