6 simple hacks to keep your family healthy while traveling

6 simple hacks to keep your family healthy while traveling

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay healthy while traveling, check out these tips. 

  1. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Flying can be dehydrating so drinking plenty of water is necessary. You could also add a tablet of Emergen-C or Airborne extra immune boosting. I would even recommend drinking these 2-3 days before traveling. I can’t say for certain whether they make a big difference or not but I definitely notice I feel better when I take my vitamins and drink lots of water.
  2. Bring cleaning wipes. One of the most effective things you can do while traveling is to wipe down heavy use areas on the plane. The dirtiest spots are the seatbelt and the tray table. Be sure to wipe these down and also include arm rests and around the windows. Some of the more popular options are Wet Ones, GermX, Clorox or if you want a more natural option, Babyganics and Seventh Generation. No matter your preference, they will all cut down on the potential bacteria and viruses residing on these surfaces.
  3. Use the restroom prior to boarding. If you can avoid the lavatory on the plane it’s in your best interest. If you must use it, make sure to cover the seat, wash your hands very well, and use a paper towel to open the door. Also, remember to close the toilet seat before flushing to avoid particles spreading in your direction!
  4. Avoid touching your mouth or eyes. This one can be really tricky with little ones. My daughter always sucks her fingers so I’m constantly trying to wipe her hands when we’re on the plane. Keep an eye on them and if you can remember to help them keep their hands away from their eyes and mouth it will help avoid sickness later.
  5. Pack your own food. When we travel we always pack healthy snacks that I know everyone likes and are easy on the stomach. Reports have shown that some of the catering companies providing airline foods have been cited for unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Whether this is actually true or not, I think better safe than sorry. We bring grapes, crackers, nuts, and even sandwiches if it’s going to be a longer flight. I know that my family does better with foods that we are used to and that are healthy and it also saves us tons of money.
  6. Keep your eyes and nose moistened. Not only should you drink lots of water, but make sure to use saline nasal spray, such as Simply Saline or Little Remedies. Keeping your nasal passages from drying out will help prevent you getting sick later. Eye drops are also important, especially for contact wearers or those with dry eyes. My optometrist recommends Systane or TheraTears and I personally use both.


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