Welcome to the Big Apple: Tips for Getting Around New York City With a Toddler

New York City is a great place to walk and enjoy some sight-seeing. Public transportation makes this city an easy place to get around. However, there are some aspects of transportation that you need to take into consideration when traveling with a toddler. Here are some things to plan for when taking your small child to the Big Apple.


Make sure to bring a solid stroller that you can use as a carry-all when your child is ready to walk. To avoid tripping your fellow pedestrians, avoid using any form of tether or leash. Instead, keep your child engaged by having them help you push the stroller. If someone in your clan can manage the weight, putting your toddler in a backpack can make it easy for them to see and keep them safely off the sidewalk.


Even if you carry a car seat, the taxi drivers don’t have to use it. Taxi drivers are exempt from requiring seat belts and car seats, so you need to bring along your own car seat when traveling in a taxi. On the other hand, if your child is tall enough to be able to sit in a booster, your rideshare driver from Uber or Lyft may help you fasten it in. Plan ahead to find a rideshare that offers the time to buckle in a car seat or booster. Your child is not safe on your lap in a car; in fact, in the event of an accident, you may be thrown forward with enough force to hurt your child.


If you can get a seat, keep your child beside you and brace yourself against an arm rail or a pole. If there are no seats, do your best to keep your child in a backpack so they’re fastened to your body before the train starts to move. When the subway is crowded, do your best to keep all your gear, such as strollers and car seats, folded up and fastened together. Keep your hands free so you can hang onto the pole or to the overhead straps.

When traveling with a small child, it’s critical that you keep your necessary gear, such as purses, phones and other equipment, securely stored on your body so your hands can be busy keeping your child safe. If you’ve got room to set up a stroller, your child will likely be more comfortable than they would be trying to keep up with foot traffic. Being mindful of these things will keep your child safe and comfortable during your special trip to New York City.

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